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Leadership by Design: Chart your own Course

Ready for change? Leave your mark.

“That the powerful play goes on, and that you may contribute a verse.”

  • Are there things you notice in the world that need to change?
  • Do you want to make a contribution to fixing them but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you interested in a career aligned with your interests and passions? 
  • Then join us Wednesdays after-school! 

This workshop series is intended for the high school student interested in learning more about themselves and how they can leave their mark on the world around them. 

Student innovators explore the intersection between design thinking for problem solving and leadership, and are introduced to a series of interdisciplinary challenges to explore their priorities, values, and leadership perspectives. 

Students will explore topics as they relate to science, engineering, art, design thinking, and creativity. By the program's end, students will have a tangible grasp on how proficiency in their chosen field, along with a focus on personal growth, can be used to solve the critical challenges of our time and affect positive change in their community and beyond.

Sample activities that students will participate in include an assessment of their personal values and leadership approaches, using industry principles such as universal design to participate in design challenges, stakeholder simulation activities and strategies for team building, teaching, and learning.


Whether you have big dreams or are struggling make plans for next year, these sessions are designed to help you chart your own course and develop strategies for success.

The details

Dates: February 6-April 3, 8 weeks

Time: 4:30-6:30pm, weekly

Location: Braincubator HQ, 67 Taunton Road, Toronto

Cost: $350 + HST

Pinecone Project x Braincubator's Leadership by Design program is intended for students in grades 9-12 interested in making their mark in the world and exploring the intersection between design thinking for problem solving and leadership.


Key Topics

Values inventory


Participate in deep leadership exploration typically reserved fro mid-career professionals to CEO's - before you finish high school! 

Students will engage in a guided examination of values and the role these play in your everyday - and future - life.

Equitable design


Consider the critical role of design, no matter what career direction you're headed: these strategies have a role in the creative sector, business, law and beyond.


Students will learn about standard practices in STEM industries, such as universal design principles, and apply them to design challenges.

Clients and constraints


Take the time to develop a suite  of problem-solving skills to propel to you the next level.

Creativity will be put to the test as students practice solving problems while taking into consideration client needs and constraints.

More information

This workshop series will be held 

at Braincubator HQ.

67 Taunton Road, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2P2, Canada

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