Our Spark programs are for budding young minds eager and excited to learn! Aimed for learners aged 6-12, and exploring a wide range of topics, the common thread is hands-on learning, challenging yourself, and getting creative!

Multi-Session Programs

Our SPARK Programs allow students to take an in-depth look at a given topic. Students will not only get to iterate on individual designs each day, but use the multiple sessions to their advantage as they improve their skills week after week! See what we have in store below.

Eco-Cities Summer Camp

Join us this summer as we put the design cycle to work in creating a prototype for an eco-friendly, sustainable neighbourhood! Each day students will  participate in hands-on challenges that will see them building their skills in creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. By the end of the program their designs will come together to create a prototype for a  sustainable neighbourhood that can support a healthy community and planet! 

Adventure Playground - Coming Soon!

We've got big plans for SPARK crowd, but are still in the process of working towards them. Our hope is to provide adventure playgrounds - both a permanent version and a mobile one - that will allow young people to get creative with loose-parts play in an environment that's all theirs. 

Experienced educators and playworkers  are around for support and safety but the rest is up to each child and their wildest imagination! 

Interested in finding out more about adventure playgrounds, risky play, or their benefits? Or better yet, are you interested in being a part of the play revolution that's finally reaching North America? Send us an email by hitting the button below!