KINdling truly is fun for the whole family. Our KINdling programs offer learning experiences for each member of your family at once! In some, families might work together to solve a design challenge. Whether family members work as a team, or learn in parallel, at the end of the day we know how important it is to come together and have shared experiences with those we love.


As with all our multi-session programs, the options below will allow participants to focus in on a topic, examining it with depth and breadth over the course of multiple meetings. 

Kid for a Day!

Ever wish you could've had access to the kinds of learning activities or tech kids do these days? Here’s your chance!  This weekly program allows you to dip your toes into the tech your kids or the kids around you are using and play in no-judgment environment.  Led by seasoned educators who love learning, we’ll help you reach personal goals and show you how to get a Lego-robot working, start coding, or do cool experiments. You’ll also learn how to deepen STEM learning at home and make play even more meaningful.  


Coming soon - stay tuned for details!