Pinecone Project is excited to offer a variety of workshops, events, and programs for the over 18 crowd that can't get enough learning! We'll set the dates for some, but would love to work with you and your peers, colleagues, family, or friends, to host a workshop. Let us know when and where you'd like a workshop, and we'll sort out the rest!


Below is a selection of half and full day workshops we offer to adults and professionals. Looking for a little more than a one-off? Keep scrolling for multi-session programs!  

Creative Genius: Design and Flow Creativity Clinic

This one-day workshop will fuel the creativity you’re craving to construct your best life and work.  Whether you write, build, research, create, or manage a team, you’ll be armed with tools to generate new ideas and challenged to create novel solutions.  Design theory is introduced with an exploration of approaches to creativity and getting into a state of flow to leverage your innate, unique talents.

Educator Cafe Scientifique

Does your work and life touch education, whether in schools, the non-profit sector, or in corporate training? This unique workshop is designed for casual conversation, personal reflection and goal setting in a supportive environment.

Leadership Toolkit: Leading From Where you Are

Whether you’re in charge of 1 or 100, this one-day workshop offers participants an opportunity to turn inward and take an inventory of strengths, assets and perspectives to chart a way forward and to inspire those around you. This clinic is an introduction to personal leadership development, visioning and awareness building to support your goals and those most important to you. Note: This workshop is offered both as a co-ed and female only event. 

Leading in the Workplace: Creating a Learning Culture in your Organization

 This one-day workshop offers participants an opportunity to map a meaningful training program to create an engaged and motivated team. You’ll be introduced to theory in teaching and learning and how to construct training with connections to outcomes. This clinic includes a guided visioning and introduces strategies for implementation.  You’ll leave with a plan to inspire your team and clarity on the goals of your training and needs of your organization.  

Custom Workshops

Want something similar but not quite exactly what you see here? We're happy to work with you to deliver the content you need to your group of colleagues or friends. Our areas of expertise include teaching and learning, goal setting, and team dynamics among others. Give us a call or email to find out more about how we can collaborate! 


Our multi-session programs allow participants to dive a little deeper into a topic of interest. As with our workshops, we'll set the dates for some of these programs, but are happy to host one on your schedule!

Kid for a Day!

Ever wish you could’ve had access to the kinds of learning activities or tech kids do these days?  Here’s your chance!  This weekly program allows you to dip your toes into the tech your kids or the kids around you are using and play in no-judgment environment.  Led by seasoned educators who love learning, we’ll help you reach personal goals and show you how to get a Lego-robot working, start coding, or do cool experiments. You’ll also learn how to deepen STEM learning at home and make play even more meaningful.


Coming soon - stay tuned for details!

Food For Thought Dinner Series

Need to spice up your kitchen game? Or do you already have a few tricks up your sleeve and enjoy sharing the act of cooking with others? We believe creating food is an empowering skill and an activity that brings people together. In this monthly dinner series, we'll meet up and cook a meal together, then enjoy the fruits of our labour while discussing topics in teaching, learning, leading, self-growth, among others. All skill levels (or lack thereof) are welcome!

$15 per dinner

Stay tuned for details about Series 2!

Ecological Empathy: Peace and Reflection in an Urban Setting

 This 3-workshop series will introduce you to the ‘city within a park’ and the amazing spaces and features of the great city of Toronto.  Each day is split into indoor and outdoor sessions to share knowledge of the environment and have hands-on experience identifying plants and animals and deeply connecting to the natural world.  Learn how to quiet the business of the city and purposefully reconnect with the natural environment.  


Not currently scheduled, but available on demand