Food for Thought dinner series

Thank you to everyone who made our first dinner series a great success! Stay tuned for details about Series 2. 

We're so excited to introduce Food for Thought Dinner Series! We love the magic of creating and enjoying something delicious with good company, and we love to talk topics in education - from how our latest lesson went, to how we can create radical systemic change one teacher or student at a time. So, we combined the two!

Join us once a month as we build a community of hungry teachers, educators, friends, and those who just love learning. At each dinner we'll cook together, then sit and enjoy the fruits of our labour over a specific topic of discussion. We'll share ideas, hopes, challenges, and support within our growing community of educational innovators. Maybe you'll pick up a few new skills, meet a future colleague or friend, or perhaps you'll find that you can add cooking to your list of teachables!