Pinecone Project Summer Camps aim to show campers that the success 

they'll find in their lives is already within them. 

We use activities and topics we're interested in - math, ecology, chemistry, food, design,the list goes on - as a lens to look inward. We also know that summer camp means loads of fun (plus a frozen treat or two) so expect to find that as well!


Designing a Better World

Ready to think, solve, and create?

Then join us this summer! In this program, participants will use design thinking and analysis skills to create solutions for modern problems. We'll analyze, design, build, and test out our ideas throughout the week. Students will apply concepts in math, art, science, and engineering to design and build a variety of prototypes. We will also explore how our products can be used to affect positive change in the world around us. 

Campers will take away a greater understanding of how the math and science they learn in school are connected with each other and with the world around them. They'll start to see how these subjects, combined with a few key principles, can help them form solutions to make tomorrow's world even better. 

Key topics include:

  • The design cycle and the importance of iteration
  • How to design with equity and sustainability in mind
  • The role of mathematics in design
  • The importance of collaboration
  • How modern technology can be used to bring about positive change in the world
  • What your design process can say about you!

Sample activities:

  • Re-imagine and re-design products with equitable design in mind
  • Create a device that allows injured animals to function as they would before their injury
  • Build a scale model of a bridge that allows animals and humans to share suburban and rural space and roads
  • Design a model for a food service business (we're thinking ice cream parlour!) that minimizes waste and plastic

The Details

This camp is intended for students that are currently in grades 3-6, though our activities can be scaled up, so older students are welcome! 

Join us at Dragon Academy:

August 19-23

9:00 am - 4:00 pm*

Dragon Academy is located at 35 Prince Arthur Ave.


*Before and after care can be provided from 8 am up to 5:00 pm for an additional $15/hour

This program qualifies for our Bring a Friend Discount! Learn more here


Leaderhip by Design: Chart your Own Course

"That the powerful play goes on, and that you may contribute a verse"

 Are there things you notice in the world that need to change?

Do you want to make a contribution to fixing them but don’t know where to start?

Are you interested in a career aligned with your interests and passions? 

Then join us this summer! This program is intended for the high school student interested in learning more about themselves and how they can leave their mark on the world around them.  Student innovators explore the intersection between design thinking for problem solving and leadership, and are introduced to a series of interdisciplinary challenges to explore their priorities, values, and leadership perspectives. 

Students will explore topics as they relate to science, engineering, art, design thinking, and creativity. By the program's end, students will have a tangible grasp on how proficiency in their chosen field, along with a focus on personal growth, can be used to solve the critical challenges of our time and affect positive change in their community and beyond.

Key Topics Include:

  • Leadership Theories and application
  • Using design thinking to solve problems and make decisions in your personal life
  • Working with clients, colleagues,  team members, and stakeholders
  • Teaching and Learning strategies
  • Form and function in design, designing with equity and sustainability in mind

Sample Activities:

  • Assessment of personal values and leadership approaches
  • Using industry design principles to participate in design-build challenges
  • Charting a course for your dream future
  • Stakeholder simulation activities

Whether you have big dreams or are struggling make plans for next year, this program is designed to help you chart your own course and develop strategies for success. 

The Details

This program is intended for high school students with a thirst for learning and personal growth.

Check back soon to see when our next offering of this program will occur!


Your University thrival guide!

About to start a new chapter in your life story?

We know how tough first year can be - there's a lot to get used to and so many mistakes to be made! In this program we'll offer a few bits of wisdom that we've gained in our collective 15+ years of experience as both a student and instructor at universities.

We'll go through some important topics for academic success, like taking good notes, managing deadlines, approaching profs and TAs, and how to make the most of what your school has to offer.

We'll also go through some important life skills that can serve to make your first few years on your own way easier. How to feed yourself on a budget (yes - we'll be cooking!), how to manage school, work, and personal life, how to make important decisions, and how to stay healthy and safe while exploring these fun years of your life!

Key topics and activities include:

  • Learning to cook simple, nutritious, inexpensive meals
  • How to set and manage both short and long term goals 
  • Managing finances
  • Discussions about good safety practices both on and off campus
  • Assessment of personal values and strategies for using this to guide your decisions

The Details

This program is intended for students who are preparing to transition to their first year of university, or are heading towards their second year. Eager students who will have just finished Grade 11 are welcome as well!

Join us at Braincubator:

July  28-31

10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Braincubator is located at 67 Taunton Rd.